What We Sell

With our unprecedented access to the bullion and coin market, we can help collectors and investors alike complete their portfolios.
Our access to the coin market is unmatched.  With our network of sellers, finding that rare coin for your collection just got faster and easier.  Many times we can find that rare artifact in just minutes as compared to the days upon days of searching that many collectors are used to.

If you are looking for investment grade coins and bullion, let Golden Eagle be your exchange.  Through our market network, we are able to provide bullion and coins for your portfolio at lower than market commission rates.

We also provide content analysis and access to precious metals refiners.  If you have scrap gold, silver, or other precious metals lying around we can provide to you a metal content analysis so that you will know exactly what your items contain.  We can then meld them together in our refinery so that you do not have a dozen loose pieces floating around to be lost.

From the extraordinary to the mundane, Golden Eagle has access to find collectibles and investments you seek.  We can even create them from the items you have lying around the house.  Let Golden Eagle be your first stop for your precious metal desires, you will not want to go anywhere else.