What We Buy

There are 2 main categories of items that we buy, Scrap gold and bullion/coins.  These are usually items that you walk by in your home every day and have not noticed in years.  Bring your items into Golden Eagle and we will tell you what they are made of and provide you with an honest appraisal and offer on the spot.

Gold Scrap

 Gold scrap lurks in the strangest places…jewelry boxes, on the mantle, and even sock drawers.  Dig it out and make something from nothing! As scrap gold buyers we buy dental scrap gold, buckles, and coins. Do you have any of these lying around?


Bullion & Coins

Many of these items have been passed down from generation to generation, or may have been found while cleaning out an old home, or may have been gifts.  Here are some of your more common types of bullion and coins that we look for.