Special Sealed Bid Auctions

Periodically Golden Eagle PMX will be offering amazing chances to purchase items via closed bid auctions. Golden Eagle PMX always comes across items that will make people talk and say "I would love to have that"! Keep checking back regularly to see what Nick has up his sleeve!

This first Item we will take open bids for will be this one-of-a-kind 1987 South Carolina Gator Bowl ring that features the name of former to former University of South Carolina Athletic Director Bob Marcum! The ring is in excellent condition and carries a letter of authenticity and an appraisal for $2,000. (See images below)

Some Highlights of this item:


Minimum bid is $1,250.00 ($US).

By submitting a bid, you are creating a binding offer to purchase the special sealed bid auction item. If your item is the winning bid you will be notified by email and phone for confirmation and to arrange the final transaction.

After being notified from Golden Eagle Precious Metals Exchange that the winning bidder agrees to finalize the transaction for the amount submitted from this website within three (3) business days from notification.

If the bidder decides to withdraw the bid, they must do so immediately upon being notified from Golden Eagle PMX of the results. If that occurs, winning bidder agrees to pay a restocking fee of 10% of the total bid to cover any and all losses incurred from the bidder refusing to finalize purchase.

I have read the disclaimer and understand that by submitting a bid I am entering into a contract to purchase this item.*
I understand the rules of this sealed bid action and agree to the terms set forth.
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Bids Start Friday, August 17th!