Precious Metals - Silver

Silver lives up to its heritage in being a close second.  There are many jewelers who still fashion fine jewelry out of this shiny metal.  Many historic coins were once stuck from silver to include the famed US Silver Dollar, and is still minted by smaller economies to this day.

Silver is also widely used commercially.  Much like gold, it conducts electricity quite well and is used in a wide array of household items.  If you have a water purifier, conventional photographs, or a battery you are probably holding a small amount of silver in your hand.  In fact, more items use silver commercially than gold.  So, why the difference in price or in investment value?  Supply and demand.  Silver is typically found nested with other ores that are mined commercially, so injections into the market are more frequent and usually larger.  

Much like gold, the wide demonetization of silver has boosted and stabilized its potential as an investment.  As a metal advisor, I would highly suggest having a stockpile of silver with your gold as a hedging and leveraging strategy.