Precious Metals - Gold

Let’s talk about gold.  Gold is one of two elements that is easily identifiable when it is brought out of the Earth.  It is malleable, virtually indestructible, and, like all precious metals, is in limited supply.  It rarely loses its luster and is the primary metal used in jewelry.  Coins have been made of gold for as long as history can date the use of money for trade.  Gold remains the standard in politically unstable regions as well due to its intrinsic value.

Gold has many more uses than just coins and jewelry.  Think about what you are doing right now.  Without the conductivity of gold the computer, tablet, or phone you are using to view this site would not operate.  Your television would not receive high definition signals, and your surround sound system would not carry rich, digital clarity.  It is for all of these properties that gold has always been in high demand and will always be in high demand. 

Doug Casey said it best when he said that gold remains the only financial asset that is not simultaneously someone else’s liability.  Gold is a store of wealth and a hedge against inflation.  Gold is a conservative investment which can be held by investor young or old and its continued usefulness will support its demand.