How We Buy: Technology and Transparency

With the volatility and high price of gold and other precious metals, you cannot afford the potential inaccuracies of traditional testing methods used by ‘Cash for Gold’ & pawn brokers or jewelry stores.  With these methods you risk being misinformed, under appraised, and potentially damaging the item.

We utilize state-of-the-art XRF technology to quickly and accurately determine the value of your gold and silver.  

The amount you receive for your gold and other precious metals is based on their verified content. It doesn’t matter if your gold is in the form of a broken necklace or a stunning antique pin in perfect condition, scraps of gold (broken items, loose beads, gold teeth) are worth the same as gold jewelry or coins in good condition.  In accordance with SC-40-54-10, if your item has stones we will remove and return them if you would like as they will not add to the gold estimate. We do not pay for your stones, only the gold.
 At Golden Eagle, there’s no need in timing the market.  Precious metals prices fluctuate daily.  A market change of even $50 will only affect the value of most pieces by a couple dollars.  Choosing WHEN to sell your Gold and other precious metals is not nearly as important as choosing WHERE to sell. 

 Not all gold buyers pay the same rate.  Each establishment determines how much they pay and some simply cannot pay as much as others.  On average, pawn brokers, jewelry stores, and Cash-for-Gold’s, pay less than half of the actual Melt Value for your gold and silver. 

At Golden Eagle, you’ll walk away knowing


Allow Golden Eagle the opportunity to provide an honest and fair offer on your items first.  We welcome you to shop around for other offers.  At the end of the day, you will be happy to see that we value your items as much as you do.