About Golden Eagle PMX

Precious metal accumulation is important to keeping buying power in any economy. Nick Shepard from Golden Eagle Precious Metals Exchange, a licensed precious metals dealer, understands this principle but could never find a fair way of dealing in precious metals. Nick knew most people didn't know they were really leaving money on the table instead of getting a premium for their precious metals.

Nick has been involved with his own interest in precious metals accumulation for years and had enough of the way other "professionals" paid for precious metals, usually only paying 50% of the current values. After much thought and wanting to teach the proper way to strengthen a person's buying power, he created Golden Eagle PMX. Located in beautiful Chapin, SC, Nick created an environment that the expert will actually pay fair market price for scrap gold and other precious metals to his customers to help people stop losing money on these types of transactions. At Golden Eagle PMX, they don't claim to pay "top dollar", they actually do!

Golden Eagle PMX not only buys precious metals, but because they are a licensed dealer, they have access to sell precious metals in several different ways. From bullion, coins, and even specialty items such as one of a kind items that would be great gifts for your loved ones.

Give us a call or come by and see why Golden Eagle PMX has taken the mystery out the way precious metals is bought and sold.

Stop playing games and start really increasing your buying power for your future.